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10 Mar, 2008
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10 Mar, 2008
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8 Nov, 2011
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4 Jan, 2008
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4 December, 2017
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24 Aug, 2015
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The one single thing I like about this is the music, but some of it is just unused tracks from the Painful. Compared to the Painful, which will probably take 10 to 20 hours to complete and has a lot of replayability for at least 3 playthroughs, this game is around an hour or two long and incredibly boring, with no replayability at all. Everything will always be the same in it.

The gameplay is terrible, it\'s just you using the same attack over and over again and using Joy or a large heal whenever you get injured. You recruit no party members, most fights are just 1v1s against someone who has no chance of even coming close to defeating you, and the only skills you get are:

  • Decisive Stab. The move that you will spam to do insane amounts of damage.
  • Flash. The move that has a chance of stunning the enemy temporarily, when you could just be guaranteed to do a large percentage if not all of their health with Decisive Stab.
  • Sleep Bomb. The same as the previous move.
  • Wild Strikes. Three auto-attacks in a row, tends to miss so it does around 150% autoattack damage, where Decisive Stab will do 1,000%+.
  • Mend. Can replace Joy if you\'re out of it.. I don\'t know how you would, though, you only really use it once or twice a fight and every fight gives you 3 of it. I ended the game with something like 25 spare. It just heals you.
  • Leech Bomb. It tries to apply poison, so if you feel like Decisive Stab is too guaranteed you can gamble on a bugged status effect to hopefully proc instead. It\'s only real use is to win a fight you aren\'t normally supposed to win, but that doesn\'t do anything.

That\'s it. That\'s every single move in the entire game. Of them, you\'re likely to use 3 or less. I didn\'t include move upgrades in the list, since they\'re the same thing and I didn\'t want the list to become unnecessarily cluttered with things like Decisive Stab, Throat Lunge, Final Stab, and Behead when they\'re all identical in everything but cost and damage.

Outside of combat there isn\'t really.. anything. You don\'t really talk to anyone or shop or do anything since you just kill everyone, and the whole game is basically just one crossroad except in order to progress you do things like jump off cliffs that look like they\'d kill you.

The graphics are basically the same as the Painful, except with even more reused assets. There\'s like two and a half unique sprites in here.

The secrets in this game are cryptic and you won\'t find the third ending on your own. The Painful had mostly fine secrets with the worst being "Jump in this hole that\'s only 1 block wide. Someone said he sees fish in the water, so hope you don\'t die" and you don\'t die, but here it\'s "Alright so it\'s the first fight in the game, you\'re 5 milliseconds in, there\'s no indication that the battle will end without you defeating your opponent, but what you need to do is block to stall the fight instead of attacking, and then when you\'re at the very end of the game you\'re gonna jump off the edge of an unmarked cliff and hope you don\'t die but not before finding a mask that\'s reasonable to find, so you want to jump off this unmarked cliff then go through the secret area and go through the last small portion of the game then you can get the secret ending." The only part of the whole thing that\'s reasonable is finding the mask, which is boring, by the way. It\'s not even a good secret, it\'s just "Interact randomly with one of these 30 tiles, then be warped back to the start, run back, and try the next one! Eventually it\'ll work!".

Plot armour, conveniences, and you playing as the objectively evil person who is so bad that even the creator hates instead of the tries-to-be-good-and-was-drugged person. Mediocre at best.

Here\'s an example of a convenience that doesn\'t make sense:

The explanation someone else gave also doesn\'t make sense, since Dr. Yado himself wouldn\'t have been taking Joy so he wouldn\'t have ever transformed. If the vaccine was for himself, why would he not have taken it? It doesn\'t make sense any way you put it.

I would not get this unless you really, really want to know how the story ends. Or, I can just tell you here. You kill everyone because Buddy want to rule the world of dead people they killed, then Dr. Yado comes in to say "It was me the whole time!", dies, and then everyone else dies, too. Dingaling himself even says he regrets making it a stretch goal and thinks it was foolish to do so. The stretch goal also didn\'t say you\'d have to pay $5 for this hour long experience, it just says "Additional gameplay content starring Buddy. Play as Buddy and uncover the truth behind the world of Lisa.".
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